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2017 National Outstanding Small Alpine Patrol

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Thank you very much for your interest in joining our patrol. We are a group of friends with a common goal of helping everyone enjoy the sport of skiing. We do so by encouraging a friendly playful atmosphere at Pine Mountain and take care of injured guests if the need arises.

National Ski Patrol Systems (NSP) is a US congressionally chartered non-profit organization that was created in 1938 to provide care for injured skiers and now provides a training system used by ski resorts throughout the country. Our patrol began the next season at the newly opened Pine Mountain.

As you make your decision about this great volunteer experience, we wanted to provide you with more information about our expectations and benefits. Volunteer ski patrolling requires a substantial commitment, both in time and energy. At Pine Mountain, each patroller is required to patrol a minimum of 12 shifts (Day & Night on the same day count as separate shifts) including a minimum of 2 nights or weekdays. In exchange for this commitment, Pine Mountain offers one of the best benefits packages in the region.  

If you are interested in becoming a patroller, your first step would be to fill out an application and speak with our Ski Patrol Director. He would arrange times to have you ski with one of our patrollers to learn more about the requirements of the job and answer any questions that you may have. Candidates with sufficient ski capabilities will be invited to do on hill training which will provide stronger skiing basics and proper methods to safely transport a patient via a rescue toboggan. An on-hill exam offered in February or March ensures that all new patrollers have sufficient skiing and toboggan handling skills before moving onto the next training opportunity, OEC. 

Each Patroller must have extensive knowledge of medical care which is learned through our Outdoor Emergency Care (OEC) program. This program, taught annually during the off-season, will prepare you to handle any medical or injury issues that may arise. The program generally runs weekly for approximately 4-5 months. If you are a currently licensed and practicing EMT, EMT-A or Paramedic, we do offer the opportunity to challenge the national exam.

Because Pine Mountain feels so strongly about helping you succeed, many benefits are given during your candidate year.


Now, the good stuff - the perks. You get to help people! No, really, this should be your main incentive. If it isn't, please re-think your decision to join the patrol. As volunteers, we are ultimately here to help our guests have a great vacation. Pine Mountain offers the best compensation package in the region commensurate with your level of patrol training and commitment to patrol. As you complete training with the patrol, many hills offer patrollers the opportunity to ski and patrol at their hill for free, but you must have completed all training. Pine Mountain also offers meal discounts and lodging discounts based on vacancy.

If you enjoy golfing, Timberstone Golf course is a beautiful course owned and operated by Pine Mountian on the property adjacent to the hill. A free round of golf is awarded to patrollers after 15 shifts and for every 5 shifts thereafter. 

Beginning with the Ski Patrol is not an inexpensive undertaking; with the cost of the book, final exam, initial National dues, patrol pack and initial first aid supplies, patrollers generally spend approximately $300. Upon completion of the Ski and Toboggan exam, patrollers are required to secure a red ski patrol jacket. (these range between $150-500). We do have members that actively search for lightly used equipment to help patrollers become established at a reasonable cost.

After this initial outlay, however, subsequent years become much less expensive and Pine Mountain will reimburse the National Dues for patrollers who patrol more than 15 shifts.

Requirements in a Nutshell
Great Customer Service skills
OEC Course.
CPR certification.
Participation in the running of our organization, e.g. attending meetings, email, etc.
Annual OEC refresher.
Annual ski and toboggan refresher.
Responsible attendance.
Maintain proficiency in required skills and follow S.O.P.

Outdoor Emergency Care (OEC) course
The OEC course consists of approximately 20 classes meeting for 4 hours, 1 time per week. Classes are generally run in the Green Bay area but can be video fed to other locations. OEC classes generally train patrollers from multiple hills and may be offered in different locations by other resorts.

If you are an EMT a shorter bridge course may be provided with a test challenge offered. There are some limitations to our practice compared your daily scope of practice; this bridge will help you understand our specific tools and standard of care. 

CPR Course (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation)
All candidates are required to participate in or prove their annual certification in CPR to the Healthcare Provider or Professional level. The course is available through American Heart Association training locations and the American Red Cross. Annual CPR refreshers are offered in conjunction with our OEC refresher. 

Mentoring Program
We are establishing a mentor program to help our newer candidates. Many of our seasoned patrollers are available to help with skills and incorporating you as a new valuable member of our patrol. We want you to succeed and are willing to help, please ask. Your continued advancement is a personal responsibility.

Annual Refreshers
We do an annual full-day refresher of our medical skills each October at Pine Mountain. CPR and Chair evacuation are also renewed at this time. The evening following allows for camaraderie around our bonfire on the hill and camping by our more adventurous members.  

Each January, members must refresh their toboggan handling skills and be evaluated by one of our instructors.

We certainly hope that you consider joining us as a National Ski Patroller at Pine Mountain. You will find it a very rewarding experience. 

Join Us!

Please complete the forms below and email them to join@PineMountainSkiPatrol.com.

Please also be aware that background checks will be performed prior to your acceptance into our program.